Cyber Forensics Camp 2023


Cyber camp image


The Cyber Forensics Camp brings the FBI and children together to work a case using same the tools and techniques used by the FBI to collect information and clues and solve a crime. Students will investigate what and possibly who caused the massive Malpasset Hydro-Electric Dam in France to suddenly open and flood the region without warning.

Date: 28 July 2023
Time: Arrive at 7:30am to check-in, camp ends at 4:30pm
Parents are responsible for drop-off and pickup
Location: Dynetics Solutions Complex, 1004 Explorer Blvd NW, Huntsville, AL 35806
Cost: $50 per child, includes the camp, InfraGard Cyber Forensics Camp t-shirt, pizza lunch, and snacks!

This event is open to middle-school students ages 11-14 with parent’s approval.