InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and the private sector. It is an association of persons who represent businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the U.S.

The Huntsville Chapter of InfraGard meets on the first Tuesday of every month. Meeting details are posted on this website at least one week prior to every meeting.

September Meeting: Current cyber threat picture in Northern Alabama

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September 4, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY MEETING. Only InfraGard members can attend. No guests are permitted.
Title: Current cyber threat picture in Northern Alabama
Speaker: SSA Darren J. Mott, FBI
Description: SSA Mott will discuss the current cyber threat picture in Northern Alabama to include the evolving nature of the cyber threat and the rise of the state-sponsored cyber actor in Northern Alabama and how to protect your personal and business computer networks.
Speaker Bio:: Darren J. Mott is the Supervisory Special Agent for the Counterintelligence Program for the Birmingham Division of the FBI. This program works with other USIC partners to detect, deter, and neutralize the threat of hostile nation intelligence services active in Northern Alabama. SSA Mott entered on duty with the FBI in 1999 and has worked both the counterintelligence and cyber threats during his career. SSA Mott has worked in the Charlotte and Cleveland Field Divisions and worked at the national program level at FBIHQ. SSA Mott was responsible for building a working relationship between the FBI and Russian Federal Security Service to combat the cyber threat and he created the first national level program blending the counterintelligence and cyber disciplines within the FBI. The Birmingham Division operates its counterintelligence program out of the Huntsville Resident Agency and has primary responsibility for mitigation of counterintelligence and cyber threats present in Cummings Research Park. SSA Mott holds two Masters Degrees, the most recent, obtained in 2018, being in Cybersecurity Policy and Risk Analysis.
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Infragard, FBI and Duo are Stopping the Bad Guys

Today’s IT platforms are more secure than ever before, but the risk of data breaches is still higher. Your IT infrastructure has changed (cloud, BYOD, etc.) but your security hasn’t. Attackers are targeting end users directly which pushes the need to establish a Zero Trust initiative, 95% of all breaches involve compromised end user credentials; 70% of all breaches involve compromised end user devices. How can you take a modern approach to reducing the risk of data breaches?

Join Scott Augenbaum, former FBI Special Agent to learn why almost 90% of the Cyber Crime activity seen throughout his career could have been prevented.

When: Wednesday, September 12, 11:00am – 1:00pm CST
Where: B&A Warehouse, 1531 First Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233
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He will be discussing:

  • How usable security is the most effective security in practice
  • How to win the hearts of your users and business with multi-factor authentication
  • Why a single platform can replace several mobile, cloud and authentication products
  • How companies such as Facebook are securing BYOD, users and cloud apps using Duo

August Meeting: Steganography

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August 7, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY MEETING. Only InfraGard members can attend. No guests can attend.
Speaker: Michael Lee, Radiance Technologies
Sector: Information Technology Sector, Defense Industrial Base Sector
Description: At the Cyber Forensics Camp, one of the stations teaches kids about steganography and cryptography. In this presentation, Michael Lee will discuss steganography and how it is different from cryptography. He will discuss what steganography is, how it is used, and what the security implications of it are. He will specifically focus on how it works, how you can detect it, and how you can protect against it. Mr. Lee will demonstrate several steganography tools and how easy they are to use. He will also demonstrate some steganalysis tools and how they detect steganography. This presentation is a high-level overview of steganography relevant to all audiences.
Speaker Bio:: Michael Lee is a Senior Software Engineer at Radiance Technologies where he focuses on developing tools and capabilities for full spectrum cyber operations on closed systems and networks. He has led the development of several cyber tools in the areas cyber operations, cryptography, data integrity, and authentication. He has also conducted vulnerability analysis and reverse engineering on multiple systems. He has a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from University of Arkansas and a M.S. degree in Computer Networking from NC State University.
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Cloud Security: Breach or Glory – Real-world Experiences of Incident Response in the Cloud

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May 1, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Speaker: David England
Sector: All
Objectives: 1) Gain a deeper understanding of cloud environments and securing them. 2) Understand the threats to cloud environments. 3) Introduce techniques, tactics, and procedures of conducting IR in the cloud.
Background: During World War I, Army Air Corps pilots fought in a new environment, the “Empire of the Cloud”. These heroic men believed “Turn like the devil and shoot straight from the sun” and “Death or glory, it’s all the same”. Now, in this age of information, we are “fighting” in a new cloud and in this new environment, it is Breach or Glory. The cloud presents information security professionals, incident responders, and forensic analysts with new challenges and without proper training, preparation, and tools, our adversaries will be “Aces” and our “dirigibles” of data will be flaming disasters.
We will begin with a discussion of what is the cloud and some of the cloud environments where breaches may occur, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure, data center hosted servers, and even Dropbox. Without this understanding, we can’t develop the correct techniques to “turn like the devil and shoot straight from the sun”. We will continue with how we can properly secure our clouds without “filling
the skies with flak”.
Next, we will focus on our adversaries and their techniques. We have seen an increase in activity targeting data in cloud environments and the threats are employing more and more sophisticated exploits and targeted malware against us. As information security professionals, we must be cognizant of the changing nature of the threat and how to identify and combat them, as well as assisting management in prioritizing their security initiatives and resources in light of these changes. The discussion will conclude with real-life experiences where security efforts were “flaming dirigible disasters”, lessons learned from these events, and some of incident response TTPs used to properly and thoroughly conduct investigations in these environments.
Speaker Bio:: David England is a Digital Forensics and Incident Response professional with more than 30 years of experience in investigations, information security, and consulting. Since 2001, David has been involved in the investigation of cybercrime, conducting computer forensics in support of complex incidents of fraud, phishing and data breaches. In 2005, he retired from the U.S. Army as a Chief Warrant Officer 3, moved to Huntsville, and began work in the Defense Industrial Base. Dave was instrumental in establishing an InfraGard Chapter in Huntsville and leading it for the first several years of its existence. He was recognized in June 2011 by the Director of the FBI for his efforts.
In 2011, David became an incident response consultant and has conducted many large breach investigations on behalf of businesses, corporations, and attorneys across the globe. He also worked for a managed and secure cloud provider. In late 2017, David joined nou Systems, Inc, a Huntsville-based defense contractor, as a Senior Cyber Analyst.

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Chemical Sector and Critical Manufacturing

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April 3, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Speaker: Beth Letson
Sector: All
Summary: Beth Letson is a North Alabama native, originally from Hartselle. She holds a BS in Management Information Systems from UA-Huntsville and a MS in Information Security from UAB. She has over 18 years of experience within IT and cybersecurity, 12 of those working in industrial controls systems environments. She was a part of the design team responsible for the development of the National Children’s Advocacy Center campus off of Pratt Avenue in Huntsville. Additionally, she spent several years supporting the Utility Helicopter Project Management Office at Redstone Arsenal. Her industrial controls systems experience began with 3M in Decatur, AL, where she developed and maintained communications solutions between controls systems and business networks. Today, she works in a similar role at Indorama Ventures (formerly known as BP Chemicals) in Decatur. She is also responsible for securing the process controls network, developing related policies, and consulting her business network counterparts. She lives in Moulton, AL with her husband, Jimmie, and two young children.

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Open source intelligence

March 6, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

ALL attendees must RSVP (with or without lunch).

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Speaker: Oolan Zimmer is a veteran of the technology and computer security industries. Oolan has worked on a variety of software and computer security projects in research, operations, offense, and defense. He currently works for Booz Allen Hamilton supporting the cyber security mission at MDA.
Sector: All
Summary: Every day, every one of us leaves a trail of information that is publicly available. Every day, every one of us is immersed in a sea of information of questionable relevance and accuracy. And every day, every one of us is betrayed by the way our minds process this information.

OSINT, or open source intelligence, means different things in different contexts. This talk will focus on two of those areas related to open source intelligence.

The first area describes how an intelligence analyst extracts intelligence from information by identifying common mental traps and compensating for both internal and external biases. I will show you how to use the mental tradecraft from traditional intelligence to make sense of the world around you.

The second area explores how to follow digital breadcrumbs. This reconnaissance methodology is part of every targeted Cyber attack. This will help you gain an understanding of the risks your public information poses to you and your organization.

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Conducting a Cyber Table Top Exercise (CTTX)

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February 6, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Speaker: Jeremy B. Blevins, nou Systems
Sector: All
Mr. Blevins is a Cybersecurity Analyst with nou Systems, Inc., and an Adjunct CIS Instructor at Calhoun Community College.

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2018 South Central Region Information Sharing Initiative

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January 31, 2018 @ 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

The Huntsville and Birmingham Member Alliances in partnership with the FBI are pleased to announce the deployment of the Huntsville – Information Sharing Initiative “Cyber and Counterintelligence, Legal Considerations.”

The South Central-ISI Program was designed to maximize the benefit of information sharing to the public and private sector. The ISI seeks to adopt a consistent, cross-functional, multidisciplinary approach to assess and manage information sharing. This particular session will concentrate on counterintelligence and legal considerations to information sharing between private sector companies and the Federal Government.

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End-of-the-Year Party

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December 1, 2017 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Come celebrate our amazing year! We will meet at Rocket City Tavern to eat and socialize. This is a great networking opportunity. Bring a friend and introduce them to the benefits of InfraGard membership. Meet and network with the new InfraGard Board and FBI Team! We are serving light hors d oeuvres and goodies.

Members and guests should both register please.

Chapter Elections

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November 12, 2017 @ 12:00 am - November 18, 2017 @ 11:59 pm

In accordance with Article IV, Section 2 of our Chapter ByLaws, an election of the officers for 2018-2019 will be conducted the second week of November. The Candidates are:


Glenn Curenton

Mr. Curenton has over twenty-five years of progressively responsible experience in executive and technical management, the design and implementation of complex system and software architectures, cyber security, strategic development, and organizational change.

He possesses multiple industry experience including Department of Defense, NASA and other federal and state government agencies and commercial firms. Spanning his professional career, Mr. Curenton has successfully won and/or managed contracts totaling in excess of $2 billion.

His previous positions include Chief Executive Officer; Vice President of Advanced Programs; Senior Technical Director; Director, Space & Missile Defense; and Vice President of Government Operations/Director, Advanced Information Technologies.

In addition to his civilian achievements, Mr. Curenton is a veteran of almost three decades of combined active duty and reserve military service with assignments to Air Combat Command, Air Defense Weapons Center, Air Force Intelligence Command, and office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering (DDR&E).

Mr. Curenton holds a number of certifications including cyber security, intelligence, and counterintelligence threat analysis.

Vice President

Michael Lee

Michael Lee is the current Secretary for InfraGard Huntsville Members Alliance. Over the last four years as Secretary, he has helped plan and run monthly meetings and special events, re-establish our chapter’s IRS non-profit status, setup and maintain our chapter website, and keep up all organizational paperwork.

Over the last five years in InfraGard, Michael has been heavily involved in InfraGard. He has
been on the planning committee for Cyber Camp both years, and has defined and taught the station on steganography at Cyber Camp both years. He has presented five presentations at InfraGard meetings on cryptography, router vulnerabilities, password best practices, and bitcoin. He will also be giving a new presentation on steganography to our chapter in February. He has been a speaker and panelist for several InfraGard special events including a joint InfraGard / Chamber of Commerce event on Cyber Threats to small businesses. Michael is also serving as the current IT Sector Chief and is helping define what role our Sector Chief program will play in our chapter.

Michael was previously the Training Director for ISSA where he hosted several cyber-related training events. He also served two years as the Technical Track Chair for the National Cyber Summit. Professionally, Michael is a Senior Cyber Engineer at Radiance Technologies. He has over 15 years of experience conducting cyber tool development, vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering, full spectrum cyber operations, cyber defense, and network exploitation. He has led the development of multiple cyber tools involving cryptography, data integrity, authentication, and software protections.

As our InfraGard chapter’s Vice President, Michael will work to expand the number of special events hosted by InfraGard, especially events examining the intersection between critical infrastructure areas. One of these events will examine the cyber-related threats to each of the critical infrastructure areas, such as cyber threats to medical devices or hospitals. In addition, Michael will continue to focus on attracting high quality and relevant speakers to our monthly meetings.​

Gary McCullors

Gary McCullors is the Director of Information Technology Services for Athens State University, an upper level institution of higher education with traditional and distant learning programs at the baccalaureate and masters level.  His team procures, deploys, secures, maintains, and provides enterprise services for local and remote locations in support of the university’s mission.  He has served in this role for 17 years and built a professional portfolio during that time which includes Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, and Novell certifications.  Prior to this role, he served 23 years in the United States Army in various aviation assignments from pilot through Corp level assistant aviation officer with several tours in Europe and Asia.  As a general member of InfraGard, Gary has volunteered and supported InfraGard events wherever he is allowed, especially the annual Cyber Forensics Camps.  Gary is also a recent graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy and current member of the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association.

During his free time, Gary and his wife Alexis caters to a herd of five horses and look for new ways to spoil their granddaughter Peyton.


Christine Karlson

Christine Karlson is the current president for InfraGard Huntsville Members Alliance holding this office since 2014. In this role she has worked to increase membership from 190 to over 350, started InfraGard initiatives and partnerships like the extremely successful Cyber Forensics Camp, Identity Theft Conference, and the Active Shooter Conference. Chris  is also the InfraGard National South Central Regional Representative, an InfraGard National Mentor, and will lead the Special Programs committee for our local
chapter.   Chris has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Technology, a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security, and supports the Program Protection Division of the Missile Defense Agency.


Carlene Osmer

Carlene Osmer is the Site Operations Manager and Facility Security Officer (FSO) at The MITRE Corporation-Huntsville, AL.  She has worked in the security field for 30 years and has been the FSO for MITRE-Huntsville since July 1992, 25 years. She received the James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award in 2014.

Carlene’s major in college was Accounting and Business Management.  Like many others, she fell into Security by default and  learned quickly that, in addition to hard work, networking (knowledge sharing) is key to being a successful FSO, both within a company and out.

Carlene is an active member of NCMS, ASIS, Infragard and FBICAAA.  She is currently on the board for InfraGard Huntsville chapter, Financial Auditor for NCMS local chapter, and Membership Coordinator for ASIS.  Carlene has served on the ASIS board for many years, 2 terms on FBICAAA Board, and a few years as part of the InfraGard board.  She has served on many security committees, recently helped host the Annual Infragard Cyber Camp for kids.

Carlene has been married for 30 years and has a son who is 26 years old, who runs their family businesses; Maysville General Store and Osmer Landscaping.


Board Members-at-Large (3)

Jeremy Blevins

Jeremy Blevins a Cybersecurity Analyst with nou Systems, Inc., supporting the Missile Defense Agency at Redstone Arsenal, AL. He holds a Master of Professional Studies in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis from Utica College, a Master of Science in Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Faulkner University, an Associate of Applied Science in Missile and Munitions Technology from Calhoun Community College, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

Jeremy currently serves as the Vice President of the InfraGard Huntsville Members Alliance and has been a member of the Chapter since 2008. He is a 2011 graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy. As a member of the Huntsville InfraGard chapter Jeremy has represented the chapter as a speaker at other venues such as the 2015 FBI Economic Espionage panel hosted by the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce and the recent ISSA sponsored RocketSecure Conference at Calhoun Community College. His other involvement in the Cyber community includes having served on the North Alabama ISSA Board of Directors, and several years involvement with the National Cyber Summit, having served as its Program Chair in 2014 and 2015.

Rebecca Falcon

Rebecca Falcon is the President of BOLDLogic – a technology services, cybersecurity, systems engineering and project management advisory firm.  She has over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology field and is a subject matter expert in implementing and managing cybersecurity operations for both government and commercial customers.  She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).  Rebecca previously served as the President of the Huntsville City Schools Cyber Advisory Council and on the Board of Directors for Cyber Huntsville, North Alabama Chapter of Information Systems Security Association (NACISSA), and Huntsville Association of Small Businesses in Technology (HASBAT).

Harry (Bud) Gifford

Harry (Bud) Gifford s a Senior Systems Engineer at Athens State University.  He and his team are responsible for the deployment, optimization, security, and administration of the university’s infrastructure, systems, services, and data center.  He oversees the management of multiple independent Blade Centers, as well as virtualization solutions encompassing over 70 virtual servers, four independent storage solutions, and a digital document retention system.  He also deploys, manages, maintains, and monitors several security devices which include Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), IDS systems, and vulnerability scanning systems.  Bud holds several professional certifications from Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) which includes the GCIH (GIAC Certified Incident Handler) and GAWN (GIAC Assessing and Auditing Wireless Networks) certifications, multiple Microsoft certifications including the Microsoft Certified System Engineer certification (MSCE), as well as CompTIA, Tenable, and Novell certifications.  Bud is an active volunteer in support of InfraGard events and makes a significant contribution as a volunteer at the annual Cyber Forensics Camps.  In addition to his professional career accomplishments, he is a 2016 graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy and is current member of the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association.

Alan Thielbar



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